Steam & Hydronic Specialists

  • steam and hydronic specialists
  • steam and hydronic specialists
  • steam and hydronic specialists
  • steam and hydronic specialists


Badger Thermal Unlimited, LLC was formed to deliver innovative solutions for steam, water and air systems. Badger Thermal Unlimited, LLC has in-house experts who can provide assistance with system design, or they can analyze an existing system to identify areas of trouble or inefficiency. Once an analysis is complete they can recommend design and hardware solutions that will bring the system to up to a maximum level of efficiency.

Badger Thermal Unlimited, LLC also offers training seminars for engineers, operators, contractors and service personnel. Seminars include both theory and hands on experiences.

As a full service, stocking representative of the leading equipment manufacturers Badger Thermal Unlimited, LLC carries both new products as well as common and uncommon replacement parts. The company is committed to insuring that customers have the support they need for regularly scheduled preventative maintenance or in the event of an emergency.

Supporting installations with on-site technical personnel is a service many customers have come to appreciate. Having a service partner with years of steam and hydronic heat transfer experience can be invaluable to plant personnel who only work on these types of systems on an occasional basis.

Steam and hydronic thermal transfer systems have evolved from simple, hand operated control components to much more sophisticated and integrated systems. Understanding the behavior of the media, the system design requirements, and the operation of hardware required to operate the system at its maximum efficiency is the unparalleled service Badger Thermal Unlimited, LLC’s personnel can provide.

Badger Thermal Unlimited, LLC provides all the products and services that help you get the most out of your steam or hydronic system.


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Our steam system specialists can offer innovative products and solutions for any system, no matter how big or small.

Steam has become a lost art, but we have a passion for it.


Our hydronic specialists can help diagnose and correct issues with your pumping systems. Hydronic applications can have their own unique challenges with respect to air, dirt, pressures, flow issues, etc. We’ll support your system with unparalleled technical advice.


Our humidification specialists can help you select and design an appropriate system for most any application. We deal with most types of humidification systems; including steam injection, electronic, gas-fired and fogging systems.


From flexible connectors and expansion compensation to inertia bases and restraint systems, let our experts help guide you to the best solutions for your application.

Industries Served

  • Hospitals/Clinics
  • Universities/Schools
  • Power Plants
  • Process Heating Systems
  • Food Industry
  • Residential Developments