Steam & Hydronic Specialists

About Us

Badger Thermal Unlimited, LLC was started in 2005 and is based on more than a century of in-house knowledge and experience. While the use of steam and hydronics have been used for centuries, the industry and products have continued to evolve. 

Education and support have continued as a mainstay of Badger Thermal Unlimited, LLC’s commitment to its customers. Steam and hydronics are with us for the long haul because they have been demonstrated to be highly efficient, reliable, and manageable. These characteristics make them highly suited to small, medium and large scale commercial and industrial applications. 

Looking forward, the company’s dedication to employee knowledge transfer and growth is central part of its operating philosophy. Badger Thermal Unlimited, LLC places a high value on continuing education for its employees as well as its customers. It is the groundwork that is necessary for exceptional customer service and support, and the centerpiece of its growth strategy.