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Steam Energy Seminars 

Badger Thermal Unlimited, LLC provides highly valued training services to its customers. Hydronic and steam energy transfer systems have unique characteristics and require a structured approach to design, maintenance and trouble shooting. 

Badger Thermal Unlimited, LLC has decades of experience with these systems – who better to learn from than the people who work with them on a daily basis.

Learn everything you wanted to know about steam and more!

  • Properties of steam and why we use it 
  • Proven ways to maximize your steam system performance and conserve energy 
  • Useful tips on piping layout and sizing 
  • How to troubleshoot common and uncommon problems 

Start at our ONE Million BTU power plant.

  • Follow steam lines, calculate pipe expansion and understand where the energy is going.
  • View live steam through glass and see what happens when a heating load is applied to a steam system.
  • Learn how to combat common problems in steam systems, such as water hammer, on our live Water Hammer Demonstration in clear pipe!

Get your hands on all of the displays and demonstrations.

  • Test actual working steam traps with the latest technology.
  • See direct steam injection heating and humidification in action!
  • Learn about the different types of condensate management.

All this and more is happening at the BTU Steam Energy Seminar!

$275 fee includes tuition, materials, and food

Upcoming Seminars

Due to ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, all seminars have been cancelled. Please complete the information below to be added to our seminar mailing list. We hope to see you soon!

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